Dirty Birds 13, Eagles 1

We have this team’s number so far this season. Through three games, it’s Dirty Birds 37, Eagles 3.

Our offense, which had been slumping slightly toward the end of the year with all the rain, came to play. We batted around nearly every time and had this one over in 4 1/2 innings.

Kristian DeJeet did stuff like this on the mound:

20150719 pitching

And our offense hit: 20150719 double

and hit: 20150719 single

and was hit: 20150719 HBP

and then hit some more:

20150719 runs

Brandon Besl also smacked a double and piled up four RBI. Jose Soto and Ryan Torchia had three RBI, too.

Defense was a little shaky, but it was good enough given all the offense we provided.

20150719 Dirty Birds 12 20150719 Dirty Birds 13

We just need to follow G. Friend’s lead.

20150719 Dirty Birds 14 20150719 Dirty Birds 15 20150719 Dirty Birds 16

After we finished, the Rebels toppled the Wolfpack in the other winner’s bracket (quarterfinal?) game, so we’ll face them on Saturday. Dirty Birds’ combined score against the Rebels this year: 28-4, but we can’t take them lightly, especially after the win against the Wolfpack. Oh, and they’re rolling with a pitcher whose eligibility we challenged due to his college status, and who the commissioner noted should, ya know, not be eligible, but will be allowed to play because he played just about the whole season before anyone noticed. Cool.

2015 NABA bracket

Let’s do this.

Box score and more photos below.

20150719 hitting 20150719 pitching


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