Dirty Birds 10, West View Apache 5

Relatively easy win to round out the season, though the Apache offense came to play in a long-awaited replay of last month’s game. We had a few errors and made it harder on ourselves than was necessary.

The field umpire got things started on the first play of the game (!) with this call against Greg Friend on a fielder’s choice at second.

20150716 Dirty Birds 3

Safe by at least six feet, no?


After allowing the Apache to hang around at 3-3 for four innings, Greg and much of the rest of our 12-man lineup took the game out of the umpires’ hands. Three doubles and a three-run home run put us up 10-3 in the fifth, and after that it was only a matter of time for the W — literally. We only played six innings due to a time limit with Carrick v. Wolfpack playing just after us.

Brandon Besl, in addition to his moonshot over the left field fence…

beslBear comin’ atcha.

…made a late push with his big toe for regular season HBP champ.


But no one could catch Eric Friend. Team season total: 34.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 7.18.39 AM

And now it’s just about playoff time. Locking up the top seed in our first season as MVDB was huge. We will avoid the Saturday single-game elimination fracas and await the winner among the Devils, Express, Ducks and Eagles. Our opponent will be playing its third mid-July game in two days, while we will be emerging from three days of non-playoff action, with maybe a rescheduled tune-up thrown in.

Playoffs opening

Here are the standings with one game left for the Wolfpack who could possibly get bumped from the second spot. Hats off to the Rebels, the only AA team to get all 24 games in:

2015 NABA AA standings

Box score below. Complete season stats here.

20150715 hitting 20150715 pitching

Just to put a cherry on my Monday night rant, the e n t i r e outfield at John Herb was a muddy swamp for this game.




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